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Residential Off Grid Solar Power Systems Projects

Our team at A Grade Power and Solar have helped many homeowners save lots of money from their electricity bills by installing Off Grid Solar Power Systems in their own households. Start saving money by calling your A Grade Solar Panel Installers to know your options.

I Am Very Happy With Off Grid Solar Power Systems Installed by A Grade Power and Solar In Murchison

Hello, my name is Judy. I’m building a house at Murchison in Victoria and because I’m off the grid, I decided that I would go completely solar and I got in touch with Craig. Craig came out and did all the installation, completely off the grid. I’m very happy with his service, with his workmanship and with his integrity, absolutely wonderful. I’m very, very happy with the whole electricity scheme that I have set up, really lovely.

HILLSTON – 5KW OF PV Off Grid Solar Power Systems

HILLSTON – 5KW OF PV Off Grid Solar Power Systems

5kW of PV. Or 20 – 250w solar panels. This will produce enough power to run this shed, which is doubling as a home until the house is built on the property, and charge the batteries during the day. Once the house is built, the base load increases, more solar panels can be installed.

MURCHISON – 6KW Off Grid Solar Power Systems

MURCHISON – 6KW Off Grid Solar Power Systems

This is a residential off grid PV system. It contains 6kW of solar panels and a 48Volt @ 600amp hour battery bank. We have the depth of discharge (the amount of power drawn from the batteries) at 50%. This equates to 14.4kWh of usable power. The power from the batteries is mainly used at night. During the day the power from the sun runs the house loads.

Off Grid Solar Power Systems Calculations And Assessments

Hi, I’m Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. Behind me is an off-grid solar system. Now, that means that there is no power from the grid connected to this house whatsoever. This house is completely self-sufficient.

Now, how we come to designing this system so that you don’t run out of power is we sit down, we do a load assessment which means we look at all the appliances in your house, the amount of light you’re going to have, the power consumption of all your appliances and your lights, the times of days, winter and summer that they’re going to be on and not going to be on, then we will design the amount of solar we need and the size of the battery bank that you require.

Now, this is not something that’s the same for two people. Everybody has different usages, different needs, so these systems need to be tailor made specifically for your usage, and it is very possible to do that and again, you’ll be self-sufficient, no electricity bills, no grid power, all your own power made.

6Kw Off Grid Solar Power Systems Installed In Murchison Victoria

I’m Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. Behind me is a house which is completely off-grid, which means that there is no electrical cables, no electricity bills, purely self-sufficient from the sun, the solar and batteries. We’ve connected up six kilowatts of solar to a battery bank which has a usable storage of 14 and a half kilowatt hours, which means this whole house can run normal like it’s just connected to the grid like a normal suburban house. If you come inside, I’ll show you where the batteries and the inverter are.

So here we have all the equipment connected to the panels. Now, the first half of the system is what your normal household grid connected solar system would be, where the panels are taken to the oscillators which connect into the inverter, which then goes into the switchboard. Now, this is where the off-grid side of things comes into effect. This battery charger, generator distributes the power how it sees fit. So, the sun is shining, this unit here will then say, okay, it’s needed in the house to control the loads that are being used and the leftover goes into the batteries.

Now at night when there’s no sun shining, this unit says to the batteries, okay, we’ve got no sun assistance anymore, we need you to control the whole loads in the house. Then in the event that there is a few days of cloud and rain and the batteries aren’t getting charged and discharging down to the programmable rate, we have a generator backup which then will charge the batteries up to the level that we require them to, the house runs as normal. So in effect, there is no loss of power at any stage and this place will run self-sufficiently for the rest of its life.

So let me recap what I was saying about the generator, if the batteries are discharged to the pre-programmed rate, which occurs if there’s maybe three or four days of consistent rain, no sun, lots of cloud, then the generator will kick in, charge the batteries back up again and act as the sun.

Now, this is a very — it might happen maybe once, maybe twice during the winter but your house runs as normal, you have no power outages. There’s enough here to power a normal house and how we come with that is before we design the batteries and design what size solar we’re putting on, we sit down with the customer and run through their load sheets. In other words, we go through all the appliances they’re going to have, how much power they use over what time over a 24 hour period and then we make our assessments and our designs of what size battery we need, what size solar we need on all that information.

No Electricity Bills Forever

Hi, I’m Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. I’m up here in Murchison and behind me is a house which is connected off-grid solar. Now, we come to the design of the off-grid solar a number of ways. Firstly, for the customer to have grid connected power in here was going to be an exorbitant price. So, the cost of connecting the off-grid solar system is less than that and another benefit of that is that there’s no electricity bills ever throughout the life of the property.

7.42 Kw Off Grid Solar Power System with Battery Storage for Bill Stubbs in Euroa Victoria

Hi. We’re currently sitting in my wife’s property out here in Euroa. We’ve got a small sheep property which is off the grid, that is we have no town electricity. While we were at the Seymour Show, we met Craig from A Grade Power and Solar and got to talk to him about off grid systems. While we have a small 1 kilowatt system here, it didn’t enable us to boil all the jug and have a toast at the same time and certainly we couldn’t run our air-conditioners with it.

After discussing the requirements with Craig, drawing up a specification, we went forward with our project and have now put in an 8 kilowatt off grid power system. Craig and the boys were very accommodating. They were here on time and they were very, very helpful in ensuring that we got the best possible outcome for our investment. This morning for the first time, the system was turned on and we’re able to run not only two air-conditioners in the house but we were also able to cook toast and boil the kettle.

We are extremely happy with the way the property was left. It was cleaned up. The installation was done magnificently and extremely pedantic about how things should be done and indeed Craig and his team were able to ensure that everything that I wanted was met and met without any problems. We would highly recommend Craig and his team for anyone that was looking for an off grid solar system. Cheers.

This customer has 2 air conditioner units and a few water pumps on his property. We needed to install a big battery system to support these loads. He has a 48V @ 1200ah battery bank. This gives him 28.8kWh of usable power.

5 Kw Off Grid Solar Power System with Battery Storage for Charlie Banks in Yass NSW

Hello, this is Charlie Banks of Yass. I met Craig at the Murrumbateman Field Days actually and talked about off-grid solar standalone. I’m very happy with his service and the system he’s put in is great. It’s just neat and tidy, yeah and it will keep a back up for me and just keeping on — yeah, to make sure I’m okay. They’re only a phone call away and as you can see from the system it’s nice, neat and tidy and yeah, I’m very happy with the way it’s all come together.

We used the My Grid battery system because the customer is living in the shed until the house is built. We thought it would look neater in this format in their living area.

8kW install on east & west roof in Murrumbateman NSW

This is a 32 panel 8kW grid connected PV system. This system is installed on the east and west roof. These people work from home. Installing the system in this way will maximize morning and afternoon sun. This will allow the production of the system to be

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