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Residential On Grid Solar Power System Projects

Our team at A Grade Power and Solar have helped many homeowners save lots of money from their power bills by setting up On Grid Solar Power System in their own homes. Start saving money by calling your A Grade Solar Panel Installers to know your options.

6kW solar power system in Rosanna Vic | solar panel installers

6kW solar power system in Rosanna Vic

On Grid Solar Power System in Murrumbateman Made Louis Save Money From Electricity Bills

Hi, my name is Louis. We’re out here at Murrumbateman and I’ve had a system installed by A Grade Solar from Craig and we’ve had the system now for two years since we put it in. And the whole concept of the system was to reduce our outgoing electricity which is what it has done. And Craig and the boys at A Grade have come back and cleaned the system and keep me up-to-date with new technology that comes through. The goal is to be able to be self-sufficient without the grid and we’re working towards that and A Grade Solar is helping us achieve that objective as we move forward but it’s definitely a big saving.

5kW On Grid Solar Power System in Murrumbateman NSW

5kW On Grid Solar Power System in Murrumbateman NSW

A Grade Power and Solar Service Workmanship And Pricing Is Exceptional

I’m Warren Hall from Easycare Hydroturf in Yass. Some time ago I was thinking about putting some solar on. A very good friend of mine recommended A Grade Power and Solar as he had good experience with them, so I decided to get Craig to come down and see me. Craig came around, made some suggestions. We ended up putting a five kilowatt system on the roof. Seems to be working very well, the service was exceptional. I do have a problem with detail with a lot of traders these days but the detail on this project was exceptional. All electrical wiring went through walls, everything was superb. I couldn’t be more happy with the installation. I’m learning how to work it to get more benefit from it, so all I could do is recommend, you give Craig a call at one stage, you won’t be disappointed, also the pricing is was comparable with others around.

A Grade Power and Solar Have Installed Over 50 Solar Power Systems In Yass NSW

Hi, John from downtown Yass, New South Wales. I just like to make a testimony for Craig from Solar Solutions Australia on the stuff I’ve installed here. He installed here back in 2013. I checked on the leaflets and stuff he gave me, it all seemed quality panels and a quality inverter and the fittings went terrific, frames and things and electrical. Having an electrical background, I think I can testify that it all seemed to be good. And also in this area here I believe he installed over 50 systems to date and I have no trouble, hesitation in recommending him to anyone else to do such an installation at their place.

A Grade Power and Solar Are Great Tradies To Work With

Hi, I’m Gordon from Yass. I was just wanting to say or tell you my experience with Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. I think Craig, he sort of like says it like it is and he’ll be honest with you. I rang him up and within a few days, he came up from Melbourne to see me, which is a long drag even though he did have a couple of other jobs to do on the way. But he informed me each step of the way where he was and how long he would be before he got to me, which I think is a good thing with a trades person.

And also, once he got here, he sat down, worked everything out and we came to an agreement on the type of panels and the number of panels and the type of inverter. We then set things in process. Craig went away and he submitted all the paperwork to the necessary authorities and within a week I had 16 solar panels on my roof and the inverter there and I was producing my own power for saving electricity.

How To Prevent Shade Affecting Your On Grid Solar Power System

I’m Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. I’d just like to make a few points about the system behind me. Now, this is not one of my systems but it appears that the person who’s designed it has taken into account the shading aspects of this tree which is something that’s very important when your solar system is being designed. In a traditional string inverter system, shade on one panel will bring down the efficiency of the whole string. Now, in this system over here, they thought about that and they’ve installed micro inverters. Now, the difference between a standard system and a micro inverted system is sun on one panel with a micro inverter system affects one panel only, not the whole system. So therefore, here is a shade area where shading is an issue, micro inverters, even though a bit more expensive are a good way to get around the problem.