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Residential On Grid Solar Power Systems With Solar Battery Storage

Our dedicated team in A Grade Power and Solar will guide you every step of the way in achieving a better tomorrow by reducing your electricity bills with our Residential On Grid Solar Power Systems with Solar Battery Storage. Start by calling our licensed A Grade solar panel installers today.

My Electricity Bill Went From $900 to $50 With The Help Of Solar Battery Storage – Andrea From Gainsville Furniture.

Hi, my name is Andrea. I’m from Gainesville Furniture. I recently had solar installed from A Grade Power and Solar. My bills went from $900 a quarter to $52 a quarter and I was very happy with the install.

22 Kilowatts Inverter and Micro Inverter Solar Power System With Solar Battery Storage in Toorak Victoria

Hi, I’m Craig from A Grade Power and Solar. This job here is in Toorak and encompasses traditional inverter type system and micro inverter system. The system in total is going to be about 22 kilowatts. The owner wanted to pretty much cover every bit of space on the roof that he could. There’s battery storage because at some stage he wants to turn the power off and be completely self-sustainable. We’ve got inverter type panels on the roof and around the edges we’ve got micro inverter panels because of shading issues.

5.5 Kw Solar Power System With Solar Battery Storage Reduced Bill From $900 to $52

So this system here was installed on the northeast roof and northwest roof. We’ve installed five and a half kilowatts of solar. This family is not home much during the day, so majority of their usage is at night. They decided they want to go the next step and putting battery storage. Now, the battery storage works very similar to the off-grid system where power comes from the panels, into the oscillators, into the inverter, into the switchboard. Then this unit here does the same sort of thing where power first goes into the house, then secondly charges the batteries but in an on-grid situation, if there’s any excess, that goes back into the grid.

Now, this unit here is enough to run — we did the similar sort of calculations but we don’t do the load assessments as with an off-grid, what we do is look at their bill, do an estimate on daytime, nighttime usage. So then, the battery system is sized on what your nighttime usage is going to be. So this system here is enough to run their house at night when everybody is home, doing the cooking, watching TV, listening to music, lights on, etcetera.

The bill leading into summer before this system was installed was $900. This system was installed over the summer period, their bill in the first quarter of the year was reduced to $52.