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5kW Solar Power System Yarrawonga Victoria

This customer has just moved into a new unit in Yarrawonga. He wanted to put a solar power system on his house before he moved in and got an electricity… [Read More]

7 Kw Off-Grid Solar system with 12Kw Battery Storage

This install is in Taveuni Island Fiji. The owners are an Australian couple who moved to Fiji to retire. No one in Fiji knew anything about Selectronic SP Pro or… [Read More]

We Need a Better Way to Compare the Performance of Energy Storage Technologies

What’s the best metric for evaluating energy storage? No one has come up with one yet. Grid-scale energy storage is getting a lot of attention this year. Pricing has come… [Read More]

New Breed of Solar Cells Promises Energy Efficiency

Imagine this: solar panels that produce twice the normal capacity of silicon panels. Yes, such technology is now at hand. Thanks to Pentacene, this mix of organic-inorganic layers make such… [Read More]