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Retrofit 10kWh Battery storage in Yass

AGPS installed a 4kW solar power system on this customers house about 3 years ago. He recently contacted me saying he wanted battery storage. After going to the customers house… [Read More]

4.32kW system in Lade Vale NSW

This customer had an old, small system that had broken down. That panels were of low quality and didn’t last 5 years. We removed that system from the roof, and… [Read More]

7.5kW micro inverters in Templestowe

This system is a 7.5kW Solar Power System fitted with an additional micro inverter system in Templestowe. We used micro inverters because there is a large tree on the eastern… [Read More]

8.7kW solar power system with 10kwh of battery storage

This customer lives in Tolmie, country Victoria. We installed 8.7kW of solar PV and 10kWh of battery storage with about 8kWh of usable power. We will be monitoring their electricity… [Read More]

Solar Power Systems will reduce your Carbon Footprint

the new owner of this home wanted a solar power system installed before she moved in. Her reasons were many; cover her electricity bill minimise rising electricity costs reduce her… [Read More]

10 kW Off Grid Solar Power install at Marcus Hill Victoria

This solar power system is a domestic off grid install consisting of 10kW of solar panels with 18kWh of usable battery storage at Marcus Hill Victoria. The batteries are Aquion… [Read More]

7 Kw Off-Grid Solar system with 12Kw Battery Storage

This install is in Taveuni Island Fiji. The owners are an Australian couple who moved to Fiji to retire. No one in Fiji knew anything about Selectronic SP Pro or… [Read More]

Why Off-Grid Solar Power is Good For You

Here’s the good news. With the emergence of more energy-efficient solar power systems, ending your dependence on the main power supply has become a very easy option. Years ago, Off-Grid… [Read More]

Solar Hardware Maintenance: How to Clean Your Solar Panels

The static nature of solar panels doesn’t really need that much maintenance. Without any moving parts, solar hardware is perhaps the least of your worries. But sometimes, dirt and grime… [Read More]

The Future of Solar Energy: What’s In Store for Us?

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined how we’ve come a long way with solar energy. Those times were tough. Solar panels were expensive, and installing a solar system… [Read More]