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7.5kW micro inverters in Templestowe

This system is a 7.5kW Solar Power System fitted with an additional micro inverter system in Templestowe. We used micro inverters because there is a large tree on the eastern… [Read More]

Solar Power install at Patagonia Outdoor Clothing and Gear head office,Torquay Victoria

Patagonia Outdoor Clothing and Gear have a goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030 After studying the electricity consumption of their head office in Torquay, we created a solar power… [Read More]

6kW hybrid domestic Solar Power System Melbourne

Due to increasing power blackouts and rising electricity bills, this user became totally dissatisfied with their electricity supplier. After they contacted us, we analysed their daily usage and installed a… [Read More]

Why Off-Grid Solar Power is Good For You

Here’s the good news. With the emergence of more energy-efficient solar power systems, ending your dependence on the main power supply has become a very easy option. Years ago, Off-Grid… [Read More]

Three Common Mistakes When Assessing Going Off Grid

I found an article about the three common mistakes when assessing going off grid and I’d love to share it with you. This article will help us make great decisions… [Read More]

Solar Hardware Maintenance: How to Clean Your Solar Panels

The static nature of solar panels doesn’t really need that much maintenance. Without any moving parts, solar hardware is perhaps the least of your worries. But sometimes, dirt and grime… [Read More]

The Future of Solar Energy: What’s In Store for Us?

Ten years ago, no one would have imagined how we’ve come a long way with solar energy. Those times were tough. Solar panels were expensive, and installing a solar system… [Read More]

New Breed of Solar Cells Promises Energy Efficiency

Imagine this: solar panels that produce twice the normal capacity of silicon panels. Yes, such technology is now at hand. Thanks to Pentacene, this mix of organic-inorganic layers make such… [Read More]