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7 Kw Off-Grid Solar system with 12Kw Battery Storage

This install is in Taveuni Island Fiji. The owners are an Australian couple who moved to Fiji to retire. No one in Fiji knew anything about Selectronic SP Pro or… [Read More]

Solar feed-in tariff programs end soon. So what happens next?

I found an article about Solar feed-in tariff programs. This article will help us understand what it is and how to deal with it. This article was written by Jono… [Read More]

Three Common Mistakes When Assessing Going Off Grid

I found an article about the three common mistakes when assessing going off grid and I’d love to share it with you. This article will help us make great decisions… [Read More]

Micro Inverter Reliability – One Brand I Trust from First-Hand Experience With Solar

This story doesn’t sound like its got a lot to do with solar system reliability… but stick with it… Not many people know it, but when I graduated from my… [Read More]